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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

In fact, I do want to see sausage being made.

I’ve been on a run of witnessing first hand the services being produced for me. Given the choice, I prefer to see the inner workings of the service experience rather than have them kept behind the curtain. It helps me be a high performing customer when I know how a service is produced, but mostly, it’s just cool to see professionals do what they’re good at.

Not every service environment is meant to be viewed in full, but opening the service operation to the eyes of the public can help create greater understanding of how the service works and the role customers play in service performance. It can also serve as a vivid demonstration of the value you bring.

Consider making the service employees more visible when:

- what you do is difficult.
- the service performers are talented. (compared to industry benchmarks or to customers performing the same task)
- your service requires customer input during production.
- the customer uses your work product post production.
- front line employees are part of the physical environment.
- your service process has traditionally been shrouded in mystery.

Many service businesses feature skilled performers completing complex tasks at a high level, yet these experiences are shielded from the customer's view in case something doesn't go quite right.

That thinking is usually too conservative.

Wherever possible, enjoy the benefit that comes with customers seeing firsthand the high level of work you do for them.

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