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Monday, October 26, 2009

Creating Relationship Bonds out of an Events Model

I get it that the music industry business model has changed, that the revenue streams and profits are more tied to live concerts than the direct sales of music in tangible product or data forms.

Still, not enough has been done to create a holistic experience in the new model. Concerts are still seen as standalone events, without linkage to each other, even though services like the iTunes Genius, Pandora and HD radio with iTunes tagging have made it easier than ever to expand the relationship listeners have with their favorite bands, similar bands, and bands their favorite bands like.

The concert promotions companies and ticket houses could take a cue from this and extend the relationship forward and backward to generate more interest.

How about every ticket to see a band gets a free song download of their music. Creates connections with the performers pre-event, aiding the event experience, and justifies those “convenience fees” customers are constantly up in arms about.

Better yet, how about a free download after the show, to a band similar to the one the concertgoer just saw, that, not by coincidence, will soon be performing live in the same city? Add in a small discount to that future show, and event promoters may just have begun developing relationships that extend beyond a single transaction.

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