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Monday, August 31, 2009

All day tweet log - 20 encounters later.

The tweet log of every service encounter from a single Monday. 20 nonrepeated, distinct service encounters provided by 21 companies. The day ended up under the 25 I thought I’d hit. I will do this on an upcoming weekend day. Five encounters were provided by two or more companies working together. The day definitely could have had more entries, but a single interaction type was only counted once. Thus, every time I accessed the internet, used my cell phone, used electricity, etc. were included as a single entry. To not do so would have created an order-of-magnitude increase in the number of interactions. Here is the full list in reverse order of their occurence:

20. Picking up the mail. Service encounters definitely winding down. This, followed by the blog post, will be the last of the evening.

19. Cable used for the first time today. What is the percentage of people that watch tv while surfing? Why isn't content developed for that?

18. Service Interaction with hockeymonkey.com. Autogenerated (emailed) order status update, provided on their behalf by UPS.

17. Target for groceries. The variety of merchandise is exceeded by the variety of the clientele today.

16. Why hasn't the doctor's office waiting room evolved sincew Norman Rockwell was painting them? Magazines? Seriously?

15. It is a fun day when you can cram legal services and medical services into the same 12 hours.

14. Dean & Deluca for lunch. Decided I needed coffee more. It is good to have options.

13. Through 6h of work, the most used service has to be AT&T conference call services. Mondays.

12. Called health care prvdr. Uneasy making appointment through an IVR, as the other party doesn't confirm / 'officially' agree.

11. USPS: When you have absolutely, positively no free alternatives for the correspondence you’re sending.

10. Radio, in the car. With the number of self-funded service ads radio is putting out, is that industry is better / worse off than print media?

9. Using the wireless service provider to send the tweet counts as #9. That over / under of 25 may be in jeopardy early.

8. Starbucks. Not daily, but frequent enough they know me. I'll do a week on the service (ppl, process, phys. evidence) in local coffee chains.

7. Roads & highways. My taxes pay for it - I’m counting it, representative of all the gov't services we pay for. (& daily take for granted)

6. Why don’t banks provide more self-directed (online) money management tools? Its like they left a cost accountant in charge of new services.

5. End of the month doesn’t come & go without at least a little online banking.

4. 25 minutes into my day, I’ve used 5 distinct services, including twitter to provide these updates and the home ISP to access twitter.

3. Ever consider it takes 2 service providers to bring you a hot shower – 1 to bring the water, and 1 to heat it (gas co. or electric co.)?

2. My day doesn’t start without coffee. Coffeemaker requires electricity. By transitive, my day doesn’t start without electricity.

1. The services we use most frequently are public utilities. Could energy companies raise their profile, or will we just take them for granted?

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