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Monday, July 13, 2009

Service Mashup: Quicken Online & The Electric Company

My energy company (sorry, some time ago, we stopped calling them electric companies / power companies) wants me to be environmentally friendly.

I know this, because every month, they send me a brochure on energy-saving tips using the kind of glossy paper for which the printing process alone would brownout a small town.

Of course, most of their “tips” involve consumption, of everything from a programmable thermostat to “investment” in a energy-saving refrigerator.

As a great value-added service, they could help me measure and manage my energy saving efforts. Couldn’t they team up with someone like Quicken for this? Something online, where not only could I view the month-to-month and year-over-year usage reports (reports that come to me today on printed cardstock), but track efficiency improvements based on decisions I make.
After all, if I am going to “invest” in that tankless water heater to save myself thousands in energy costs, I would like to know that I’m truly realizing the cost and environmental ROI.

Question: If network uptime is table stakes when it comes to home utilities, what additional services would you like to see the companies that provide you power / natural gas, water, garbage & recycling services, telecommunications services offer to add value to how you use them?

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