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Sunday, July 12, 2009

More on "My Project"

So...Why am I doing this? What makes this subject matter worthwhile? What will make this space worth following?

Because I’m a practitioner of services marketing and management, I want to use this as a venue to expand my own ability to evaluate and develop services, and build the case for a tighter linkage in service-based businesses between marketing and operations management functions.

Because work on services marketing and management are underdeveloped (with apologies to Sasser, Heskett, Bendapudi, Bitner, Brown, Barry and several others making quantum leaps in the field), I want to develop a shared understanding of the areas of greatest need for development of a “better way to do things” across service businesses.

Because every one of us experiences dozens of services on a day-to-day basis, there is a high level of latent consumer expertise. I want to tap into that, where I can, to gain the service perspectives of educated experts, applied experts and complete non-experts on what makes service businesses successful. That is, everyone reading this will (or should) have a perspective on the subject matter, from what delights them to what pisses them off.

If any of this seems compelling to you, follow along. Contribute, make suggestions, and criticize. I'm an expert, but not THE expert. That would be the collective YOU.

If it doesn’t, I appreciate your time here, but the long tail of the web is infinite. Go find something that interests you.

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