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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Efforts too small to matter.

Terrific use of physical evidence to reinforce the experience from Garry Gribble’s Running Sports, a local running shop where my wife got her most recent pair running shoes in advance of her first half-marathon.

It reminded her of why she went there in the first place and the value her unique experience provided. It differentiated their experience from the alternatives, and reinforced what a great decision she had made by purchasing from Garry Gribble’s.

It would be easy to skip this step. Every other place I have ever bought shoes simply puts the shoebox in a bag and lets the customer walk out the door.

It takes more effort – though not much more – to commit your service manifesto to a printed 3x5 card and tape it to an outgoing package. They also sent a handwritten note shortly afterwards. Three lines thanking her for her purchase and wishing her luck in her run. Again, more effort required, and again, nothing backbreaking.

You know who does this, takes the time to perform these small experiential elements that are so small that others see them as not worth the bother, because how could something this minor really make a difference when after all our price on the same shoe is 8% lower?

People who care about their business and who they serve.

People who succeed in building the unassailable brands most of us talk, tweet and write about.

People who get these. (Not that it matters to them)

1 comment:

Jed Langdon said...

Thanks for sharing this Chris - Garry Gribble's is clearly a shop that really cares about their customers.

I've been thinking recently about all the stores that let their customers just walk away after a purchase, without showing their human side and giving their customers a reason to come back. They are missing a trick and Garry Gribble's is certainly showing them how it should be done!