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Sunday, December 26, 2010


A partial list of Twitter friends, acquaintances and personalities I’m grateful for having had the benefit of 2010. Each enriched my experience in social media, business, marketing, leadership, and life to an extent I can only hope to ever reciprocate. I’ve listed them by their Twitter handles, but they also have blogs, businesses, speak, write and are generally present in the business and social media communities. The commentary is a rough copy of what I tweeted about them under the #100PeopleImGratefulFor hashtag.

  • @ZapposD_Rob: for evangelizing a worthy culture in a way that can be applicable to every culture.

  • @PricingRight: For having the service orientation, but also demanding the data.

  • @WPCCSL, @AliciaHatCSL: For hosting the Compete through Service Symposium and advancing the Science of Service. #ctss

  • @zappos & @bonobos: For leading your peers in joining the dialogue about your brand.

  • @mannysdeli: For the best damned sandwich I’ve ever had. (I’m a sandwich guy)

  • @tompeters: classic, but willing to evolve to the world we face today and the one we’ll face in 10, 20, 100? years.

  • @chriszane: For the living & proving the business philosophy of giving more than seems reasonable.

  • @tedcoine: For being one of the few standing at the intersection of C-Suite Avenue and Common Sense Road.

  • @WriteTheCompany: For demonstrating humanity (or lack of it) in corporate communications, making us laugh while doing it.

My deepest thanks to all this group has brought the service business community, and me personally, over the last year.

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