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Monday, February 8, 2010

Nontraditional value exchange, or a plain old good time.

Services come in all shapes. Some you pay for with money, while others you pay for with effort.

The components are universal. A promise is made, enabled, and kept. Both provider and customer have a role in successful production. The service is concurrently produced and consumed. The end result is more intangible than tangible, and the customer often has to look for visible cues as to a successful outcome.

Brainzooming’s Mike Brown asked me to participate in his hosted #BZBowl yesterday – a twitter-enabled live analysis of Super Bowl XLIV ads from a group of seasoned marketing, branding, and social media observers.

Being “more Bud than Bowl” as Mike puts it, I was happy to participate in what was one of the more pleasant service experiences I’ve had in my still brief venture into social media.

Mike’s event – his semi-public service – promised an opportunity to connect with some like-minded people, expand my network, share with them and learn from their perspectives on big-event marketing, branding and social media. Twitter and the Brainzooming site enabled what was a lively and engaging (not to mention exhausting) discussion about the Super Bowl ads as they appeared. Each of us involved produced commentary as we consumed both the ads and each other’s commentary. My takeaways – the value that I received - were unbelievably rich, having met an enormous number of like-minded marketing professionals in a very short period of time and learned from their collective perspective & experience.

Though a nontraditional exchange of value, Brainzooming promised everyone involved an opportunity to reach beyond their existing network in a fun environment and learn from the marketing perspectives of others. With the co-production effort of everyone involved, it was a tremendous success.

Social media-enabled business is making this type of exchange not only more valuable to businesses and individuals that use them, but much more common.

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