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Friday, December 4, 2009

What your self-service technology says about your business.

An automated call directory experience from a company with which I’m about to begin a business relationship:

Press 1 to speak with someone in sales
Press 2 to for customer support
Press 3 to leave a message
Press 4 to dial your party by name.
Press 5 for the operator

So…you’re most interested in selling me something. If I’m not willing to be sold today and I don’t have a service problem, you’d prefer I leave a message for someone to get back with me.

Every touchpoint sets customer expectations for the service they receive. They indicate to customers, suppliers and partner what the organization is focused on and point towards their overall quality as a business.

Without ever having had a business interaction, this company told me they were more interested in taking my money than serving me, would rather I leave a message than conduct a live service interaction.

If they’re exceptional, they might recover, but the expectation has been set. For now, I’m just glad I’m not paying the bill on this one.

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